Accessing Courses:

1. I paid for my course, but I cannot log in to the course.

Check with PayPal to make sure your payment went through. Sometimes a payment is declined.  If your payment did go through, wait at least thirty minutes for the payment to be verified.  Sometimes the payment takes a little time.

2. I am having trouble loggin in to my account.

Did you forget your password, or change your password? If you are unsure about your password, click on the reset password button on the log in page. If you were locked out of your account because you missed validation questions, resetting your password will not allow you to access the course. You must email us to unlock your account.

Are you typing the correct user name? if you are typing the correct user name and password, and resetting the password does not allow you to log in, please email us for help.

3. The timers are resetting when I try to advance to the next section. 

If you are using Internet Explorer, try using Chrome or Firefox. Sometime Internet Explorer browsers have trouble with the website. If you still continue to have issues, email BOSS.

General Questions:

1. What is the purpose of Boss Court Education?
BOSS provides court ordered classes for those who are required to complete a counseling class as part of a plea deal, or any other court order. These courses were set up to teach you about the struggles you deal with, and how to overcome them. BOSS is a Nevada LLC that was created to help defendants complete Las Vegas Court counseling, Henderson Court counseling, Reno Court counseling, and all outlying area Justice Court counseling. We are the Nevada court counseling low-cost provider. All Nevada Justice Court and Nevada Municipal Court judges accept our coursework.

2. Will these classes help me?
Like anything else, you must be willing to learn and change. These classes will give you tools necessary to help and inform you. However, you must be willing to accept the education and implement the skills you are taught.

3. Do all courts accept Boss Court Courses?
Each court is different. It is your responsibility to make sure your Judge will accept course work from BOSS Court Education LLC. Our classes are written and certified by professionals, and most courts will accept our course work.

4. What if my Judge does not accept the coursework?
If you complete any course, and your judge does not accept the course, please get this rejection in writing and email us a copy of the rejection stating why the course was rejected. We will issue a full refund if the course was not accepted by your Judge, if you email us the rejection letter within 30 days of the rejection. Our Online COPE course is one of only a few approved providers for Clark County Family Court. We are the lowest cost approved COPE course provider. This course is also called the Seminar for Separating Parents. 

5. What if I fail the final exam in my course?
We offer a no fail format. This means you will be able to take the final exam until you pass. If you take your time, and want to learn the course material, you will not have a problem passing the final exam.

6. How do I prove I completed the course?
We will email you your course certificate.